4 Simple ways to bypass the Australian ISP Internet Filter.

How to bypass the Australian ISP Internet Filter

Just before Christmas, the  Australian Federal Court issued ISP a list of sites to block to all ISP based here in Australia.

ABC Australia New Report

At no time was I impacted (Becuase I subscribe to a secure DNS service) until I did a test using my Internet provider's DNS Servers to see if they implemented the block as requested as per COPYRIGHT ACT 1968 – SECT 115A

I got this.

I don't mind copyright owner using Technology to protect the copyrighted material, what concerns me is that the Internet Service Providers are now forced to maintain an Internet filter to block sites with no financial assistance from the Copyright holders or the government which will eventually lead to price increases to end users.

This is merely testing the waters of how far the law copyright holders can get Internet Service Providers to restrict user accessing pirated material.

The end result is a system that can be easily bypassed.

In fact it's so simply even a child could do it!

Here's the four  ways you can bypass the Internet Filter

  1. Change your DNS settings on your PC or Router to Google DNS and
  2. Use a Web based Proxy Site like https://hide.me/en/proxy
  3. Buy a VPN service and encrypt your Internet Usage.
  4. Use https://translate.google.com to view the pages like option 2

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