How to get UNLIMITED website monitoring for FREE

and even get SMS's too!

Using Google to monitor your websites is easier than you think, and you can even get them to SMS for FREE!

I stumbled across this simple Google Docs spreadsheet from Digital Inspiration can email (and sms!) you and monitor your website for free.

1. Signup or sign into Google Drive

2. Make a copy of this spreadsheet to your google drive

3. Add your Website and email address simple separate the urls with a comma.

I used and (expired domain) to test the script.

Website Monitoring


4. Enable SMS you want. Follow this  guide to setup SMS notifications from Google Calendar

5.  Select Initalize Website Monitor -> Initialize

Then Website Monitor -> Start

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 4.27.49 pmWebsite Start


By Default the script will check your site every 5mins, and this is what you'll get


Site Down
Site Down Email


Site Down SMS

stop-signAfter Extensive testing for two days and comparing with paid solutions this is great for those who don't have security on there host/server if you do like I do, you may be getting a lot of false positives. (Meaning notifications when the site isn't really down but your security appliance has started temporary blocking some google ips.) But Try for yourself it's free!



I want to thank Amit Agarwal for writing the script. I've referenced his original script and site below.

Script Author  Page ->